Some of you may know that I write. A lot. I write my own blog, other people’s blogs, articles, website content, my two books, one (not very good) cookbook and I recently (cautiously) started writing fiction.
I started with one novella (you may well have signed up to get chapters – if you did, check your inbox in the next day or so, I haven’t forgotten you!) and I have discovered that I have a lot of stories to tell, and it may take more than one novel to get it all out there.

So then I had a BIG FREAKIN’ IDEA….gulp (nervously, not wanting to sound ridiculous, even though the whole world knows that I have (had) a drinking problem, it’s still nerve-wracking putting it all “out there”) ….here it is..

The Sober Story Studio.

Remember when I was ranting on about the way that booze and drinking is portrayed in the media (here)? Remember the fact that I bemoaned all the times when seemingly strong women in great shows like The Good Wife just ran to the bottle when the going got tough? Or what about the time when a couple of the main female characters in Scandal drank enough moonshine to take down a small elephant, yet seemed to suffer zero negative effects?

Is it any wonder that drinking has increased for women (and everyone!) according to a recent study (quoted here) if the basic message we are receiving from ALL media is that drinking is normal, and if you are going through a bit of a rough patch, essential.

Even when story-tellers and film makers do focus on “problem drinking” the emphasis is on what I call the “dead drunk in a ditch on a dark night” tale. Even the very popular “Girl on a Train” novel and movie, showed the consequences of drinking, but little in the way of redemption or struggle to get sober.

Maybe it’s because “sober”is just considered too “boring”.

So, if there are only a few people out there telling great stories about the sober journey…..I thought, why don’t I give it a try?

Hence the Sober Studio. And my “mission’ for the next year.

One Million Words for Sobriety (in One Year)

Ok, so this is the idea that has kept on nagging at me,.

The last time I had a voice in my head that got louder and more insistent, it was telling me…”quit drinking!”. So I know now to listen when I hear this voice.

So here’s my plan :

  1. Write ten great stories of approx 80k -100k words each (plus an intro novella) to be self published.
  2. Make the stories page -turning fiction first – 
  3. Have the booze/struggle/sobriety as an underlying theme.

Here’s the mission:

  1. Do my bit to “re-brand’ sobriety
  2. Encourage creativity
  3. Give back to the sober community that has always been there for me.

Becoming sober, and being part of the sober community changed my life in more ways than just stopping drinking. It forced me to do some long overdue self examination. It wasn’t particularly pleasant.

I am excited to challenge myself. And I am excited to have you along for this new journey.

Want to be Involved?

I have started a Patreon Page.

(Yes, this is the awkward part when I talk about money)

You can pledge as little as $1 per month, and as much as $25 per month – for one year only.

The rewards for pledging are as follows (depending on the amount)

  1. All my unedited drafts
  2. Behind the scenes – me banging my head on the table in frustration
  3. Monthly LIVE feedback and discussion forums
  4. First copies of published novels (free)- ebook or print versions
  5. OPEN SOURCE creative platform – you get all my notes, outlines, character developments, plot lines – EVERYTHING, for you to write your own stuff, with my blessing. So if you thought that my endings could be better – write your own! If you thought that a minor character in book one, would be a great spin-off – go ahead and write it – and if you thought that the whole series could be better with unicorns and aliens – go for it!

Lastly and most significantly – a percentage of the profits from the sales of these books ( and they will sell, because you guys will be making sure that they are AWESOME) will go to non-profit organizations that support people struggling with addictions ( to be decided in the future – looking for suggestions).

Sound interesting?

You can sign up on my brand new page right here. 


Jackie. xx

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