We can do hard things.

We think we can’t, but we can. We put artificial barriers in the way. Like unachievable standards that guarantee failure, and thus – you don’t even have to TRY to do hard things.

Oh, I know, I can’t be a famous dancer or ice skater – but I can learn to tap dance, and I can take lessons at the skating rick. And I can have fun doing it.

I won’t ever run a multi-national corporation like Microsoft – but I can start my own business and earn a reasonable living.

Every day, if you try, you will surprise yourself. And you’ll find that the barriers you put in front of yourself can be torn down. If you try.

Let me help you get started:

I can’t quit drinking, wine helps me de-stress

Meditate. Walk. Do Laundry. Take a bath. Read a book. Chat with a friend. Put your feet up with a cup of tea.

There are endless ways to relive stress. You could try one of them today. If that doesn’t work, you could try another one the next day.

Like diets, if you keep going, these techniques will work in the end. If you quit after one day, then no, it won’t work.

Just about ANY of them are healthier and produce better results, with zero after effects than pouring poison down your throat every night.

So that’s a bullshit reason.

Drinking is FUN.

Oh really?

Standing around sipping a beverage is fun? Sitting on the couch every night with your glass of wine is fun? Getting daily hangovers is fun.

Again, bullshit. I would venture to say, that if this is your idea of having fun, then you’ve never had any.

I used to think that drinking wine was fun. And then I realized that most of my wine drinking was done to relive boredom.

Boredom is a prevalent disease. In these days of constant passive entertainment, binge-watching Netflix, scrolling through social media – we have forgotten how to entertain ourselves.

Our dirty little secret is that lots of us are bored. We’ve forgotten how to communicate with each other, we don’t DO anything, because it’s easier to turn the TV on….and yes, to fill up the endless bland hours, we get our buzz on.

What a waste.

I get Cravings.

Cravings are uncomfortable. But unless you start to get serious withdrawal symptoms (and if you do – go straight to your doctor) – being uncomfortable is a minor inconvenience.

Distract yourself. Go for a walk. Read a book.

Sometimes it will be hard – i remember crying a couple of times – but cravings go. They go really quickly too.

You can survive cravings.

My Whole Life has to Change.

Isn’t that the point? To change your life?

If you want your life to improve – something has to change, and you are the person who has to make the change.

Waiting around for something nice to happen, is a realistic as expecting to kiss a frog and get a prince.

Like cravings, change is uncomfortable at first.

It’s inconvenient to clear out booze from all your cupboards, change your schedule a bit, tell your significant other that you are not drinking any more…..but it’s all doable. And after a while, we all settle down into this “new normal”.

You can’t change your life, without making changes.

You can’t get sober without quitting drinking.

It’s hard. But we can do hard things.

Start now. Tomorrow will be easier.

I promise.

Love, Jackie xx

I finished a hard thing…

The second book in my Sober Ever After series, is now published!!

Sober Ever After – How to Quit Drinking is available on Amazon today!