Back in the summer of 2016, I wrote “The Secret of Life Revealed” 

It was all about Gratitude.

We had spent a wonderful weekend with our good friends, Doug and Terry. Terry was suffering with cancer. She had not been given long to live – but she defied all the odds, made a long awaited trip to Ireland, had been to Mexico with Doug, and was enjoying every single moment she could on their boat.

It wasn’t the last weekend we spent with them.

In 2017, we had another trip with Doug, Terry and some new friends. We had dinners together – Terry loved Black Cod. We spent hilarious evenings chatting about old times (my husband Bob had known these two since he was a teenager).

During all of this, I never heard Terry complain. She worried about other people. She said just once to me:

“I know that this cancer will be my Waterloo. But I’m in my sixties. I’ve traveled around the world. I’ve had a great life. It’s the kids that break my heart. The kids that get cancer and never have the chance at life”

Terry lost her battle yesterday.

It’s a huge cliche, I know, to say that life is short. It’s a natural reaction, to be reminded of our mortality when someone we love passes away. We rush to say things like “tell people you love them”, and “live every day like it’s your last”.

But I don’t care that these are cliches.

Life is Short

Tell people you love them

Live every day like it’s your last.

Put down the bottle before it’s too late.

Thanks Terry, for the privilege of sharing some of your life, all the laughs and all the memories. We’ll do our best to look after Doug.

Jackie .