Sober Made Simple

Imagine if you and I took a moment and sat on this bench…

…and you asked me every question about quitting drinking and getting sober that you could think of. Imagine that you shared all your fears and doubts and confusion that you are feeling right now….and together, on this bench, we sorted through all the tangled mess of emotions……and uncomplicated everything.

The biggest obstacle to quitting booze? We overthink it.

How will I cope without Wine?

How will I get through Thanksgiving?

What will people think?

Am I an Alcoholic?


You and Booze were so GOOD together!


I know, right? It was fun! Everyone was drinking! And then suddenly…it wasn’t fun anymore. You’ve tried to make it work. You have attempted to moderate – only drinking at weekends, or “limiting” yourself to a couple of drinks at a time. But over and over you have slipped back into the abyss – drinking every day, drinking too much, hangovers every morning – and you are miserable. Booze used to be great!  Booze used to make you laugh and feel more confident. But all that has changed. And now it’s just a confusing mess..

How do it know all this? Because I was right where you are now. Constant chatter in my head…do i really have to give up for good? Isn’t it all a Big Over- Reaction?

I’m here to make this simple. It cut down all the “white noise”. To help you create a simple sober path to a better life.


Come Sit on the Bench..

Sober Made Simple

Sober Made Simple is a Six Week Online Program that will eliminate ALL the confusion, all the nagging doubts and all the FEAR that blocks your Sober Path.

It’s clear, straightforward and accessible.

All the material is accessible in your very own members area. You will be able to download PDFs, watch videos and listen to podcasts. You can download ALL the material, and you have LIFETIME access to the members area.


It’s the next best thing to sitting and chatting on the bench with me!

Module 1

What will I Lose?

What will I Gain?

Finding Your “WHY”

Module 4

Media & Stigma

Beyond Recovery

Sober Self Care

Module 2

Planning & Preparation

Your Sober Toolbox

What to Expect

Module 5

Gratitude – the Science

Building Your Tribe

Creativity Unleashed

Module 3

Sober Milestones

Pink Clouds & PAWS

What Will They Think?

Module 6

Sweating The Small Stuff

Tackling The Big Stuff

Sobriety Out Loud


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What’s it Like to Work With Me?

Thank you so much. Your words of wisdom and practical advice have helped me stay sober for 60 days. I am so happy!

Lyndsey Q. Vancouver, BC.

I LOVE being sober! It’s awesome! Thanks Jackie xxx

Sharon W. Calgary AB

The material was straightforward and easy to understand. Your videos were helpful, and I really looked forward to chatting with you.

Chantelle K. San Diego, CA.

Jackie is an essential part of my Sober Toolbox. Since completing the Sober Sassy Playbook course, I have not have a drink for over 100 days. Jackie was always there to help me if I was struggling, and I highly recommend working with her.

Jean T. Chichester, UK.

Keep doing what you’re doing! You rock!

Megan W. Melbourne , Victoria.

I tried AA, but I didn’t like going. I listened to your podcast and it really made sense. The strategy call with you helped me sort out all the confusion I’ve been feeling and put me on the right path. Thank you.

Alison R. Nottingham, UK

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