Simply Sober  Rocking into 2018

(without the Wine Witch!)

NOW is the PERFECT TIME to Quit the Booze!

Not Convinced? Here are EIGHT REASONS (and I have plenty more!) why YOU should put down the bottle, have a Sober Christmas – and Rock it into 2018. Check these out, and find out more about the Six Week Online Program that will get you Rocking into 2018 Without the Wine Witch!

Your  Health

Increased risk of cancer? diabetes? stroke? fatty liver?…just sayin’

 Your Budget

Wouldn’t it be nice not to be so much in debt in January? Maybe even have saved some $$?

 Your Career

Drinking too much in a work environment WILL DEFINITELY damage your career prospects.


Your Partner

Trust me princess, if you pass out drunk, stink of booze, and are mean as a snake…don’t expect diamonds this year…..

Your Children

Christmas is all about the kids. Did you forget? Do you want to miss all that because you’re grumpy and hungover?

Your Stress Levels

Wouldn’t it be nice NOT to have to do everything at the last minute, with a hangover?

Your Weight

Apart from the five thousand extra calories you’ll save, you will be less bloated & less likely to make bad food decisions!

Your New Year

Imagine if you gave yourself a fighting chance by facing the New Year with a positive outlook…feeling GREAT about yourself!

“I’m SO thankful for your positive, and deprivation-free way of looking at how much better your life can be without booze. It is a huge GIFT to myself, and I’m so very thankful that I came across you, and your plain-spoken,accessible, and positive outlook on sobriety!!”   Elizabeth M California.


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Simply Sober! Rocking Into 2018

(without the wine Witch)

Sobriety is Like a Puppy..

It’s not just for Christmas. That’s why the six week program focuses on a LONG TERM approach to sobriety. We start with your “WHY”, I’ll show you the “nuts and bolts” of sobriety – how to deal with cravings, sober strategies for socializing, building up your “sober muscles” and then creating your life beyond “recovery”. This is all delivered in a Private Members area,

Your Tribe

You will have the chance to meet your NEW sober Tribe, in the “Pop Up” Secret Facebook group. A tribe gives you support, encouragement and accountability – and you’ll gain confidence as you begin to help others. I’ll be there everyday, plus there will be weekly LIVE Q&A’s.

Rockin’ Bonuses!

Fed up with boozy advent calendars – you’ll get a Sober Rockin’ Advent Calendar right to you inbox, some daily motivation as we begin the countdown to Christmas. And to REALLY keep you accountable and motivated, you’ll be able to book a ONE to ONE call with me, EVERY WEEK! That’s right – specific help for you!

I love what you are doing. Got your books.  I am grateful for your guidance. Love the podcasts and books and all your resources. I appreciate you. Thank you. Vicci.D

Meet Your Sober Rockin’ Partner!

OK, I’ll be the FIRST to admit, that I’m not very “rock and roll!”. But the point is – now I’m sober, the possibilities are endless! Far from diminishing my life, sobriety has opened it up to opportunities and potential that I never imagined.

Since putting down the booze for the final time, back in 2015, I’ve set up Sober Sassy Life, published two books, I help run an exciting new start-up business with my husband, and it seems that every week, new doors open for me.

I’m not special. I’m not “in recovery”. I’ve learned that sobriety is not a destination – it’s a tool. I’ve created a wonderful SOBER life for myself, and I can help you do the same.

Let’s ROCK into 2018 – Without the Wine Wine!

I love your down to earth approach! Everything you say makes sense!

Melissa T. Portland Or.

Got Some Questions?

How much does this all cost and will there be an "early bird" discount?
$497. There will be no Early Bird Discount
When does it start?
As soon as you sign up, you can start.
How long is registration open?
Until Midnight on 28th November 2017.
Can I join after registration. Are you doing this course again?
No, and No.
Do you guarantee that I'll stop drinking?
Nope. Only you can do that. I’ll guide you, help you and support you.
Do I have to quit drinking while I'm participating?
You don’t have to. But it would help! You get the most out of this course if you put down the bottle.

Registration is Only Open For a Very Limited Time!








I’ve been sober now for nearly a year. Working with you was the game changer. Knowing that I could look forward to talking it out with someone who knew exactly what I was going through made all the difference. Thank you. Sharon.W Manchester, UK