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Drinking Just Became my “Go To” Activity…

While the younger generation has decided that drinking isn’t ‘cool’ anymore (good for them!), women over fifty are drinking more than ever. No one really knows why, but the toll on health, wealth and happiness can be devastating. “I just found that my evening ‘treat” of one glass of wine in the evening, became two, and before I knew it, I was regularly drinking a bottle. Sometimes more” one lady told me. “It just crept up on me”.


I Don’t Want to Be “In Recovery”

I didn’t want to join a group or go to a meeting. So I didn’t. I quit drinking with the help on the online sober community. And along the way, i found that there are many women, who don’t identify as an ‘addict”, do not want to join a “movement”, who are not interested in “Recovering Out Loud” they just want to quit drinking, and have the best possible sober life! So this is why I created Sage, Sassy & Sober.

Let Me Introduce You to Sage, Sassy & Sober

We are doing things a little differently here. We are NOT focused on “dead drunk in a ditch, on a dark night” stories of drinking exploits. We are lending a helping hand for those of us who are struggling to quit. We are championing the joys of a life without booze, we are highlighting the wealth of wisdom that we have accumulated, and we are celebrating being women in our prime.


This is a space for growth, a space to develop, a space to be safe, a space to be supported, a space full of partners/friends/cheerleaders/supporters/kind hearted souls who want to expand their horizons and ditch the booze, and want to lift others higher too.

Labels Are For Soup Cans!

It doesn’t matter if you identify as an ‘alcoholic’ or not. It doesn’t matter if you think that you are an “addict” or not. It doesn’t matter if you think that your drinking just got out of hand and stopped being fun. It doesn’t matter if you never really drank at all, and just want to be in a community of like-minded women. We are not interested in all that noise. We are just focused on living a booze – free life, because we know it’s better that way.

What’s It All About?

This will Be YOUR Tribe!


Do you feel like you’re on your Jack Jones most of the time, and just muddling through? Well, whilst you can do this all by yourself there’s absolutely no need for you to do it alone.  Sage, Sassy and Sober is a massive resource of help, support and experience.  Not only can you tap into MY HELP directly in there BUT we will build a community of other inspired women who are there to cheer lead you and give you a helping hand when you are stuck!

It’s a place filled with solution focused ideas, if you are struggling to quit, or need some health and wellness tips, or are just looking for a chat. There’s no whinging and moaning, not griping and swiping, no huffing and sulking – we know that we hit bad places every now and then and need a little helping hand, but we aren’t going to unpack our bags and stay there! This is the place to lift you higher, be surrounded by inspiration and hang out with people who “get” what it’s all about.


So, What Resources Can I Expect?

A Private Membership Area

We will be looking, (sometimes weekly and sometimes monthly) at a specific issue and going through actionable steps you can take in order to really level up in that area. Nothing overwhelming, all completely implementable with “how to” guides where necessary. This is about you getting to grips with quitting drinking, lifestyle advice, financial guides, relationship issues – everything you need to help you lead your best booze -free life. From time to time, I’ll be introducing guest “experts” to help us along. All the material will be accessible in your private membership area, and everything will be available to download and keep.

A Private Community

A closed facebook group, to connect, support, inspire and learn. Following the month’s focus issue, I’ll be dropping in live to prompt discussions, and take questions. Although I encourage lively debate (we’re adults after all, we can disagree and not lose our minds!), the tone will be always be positive. Come in with your problems, and expect solutions!

Monthly Q & A

I will always be around, but once a month, we’ll have a LIVE Q & A. You can ask as many questions as you like, on any topic, and I’ll do my best to help, or point you in the right direction. This is your time to grab a cuppa, and connect up with your community in a LIVE forum.

Can This Help Me?

This is a lovely email I received recently:

I’m writing you, right now, from Santa Fe, NM, as my husband and I are
on our 30th wedding anniversary trip!!!!  You need to know that it is
because of all I have learned from you, that I have a wonderful
attitude about taking this big trip, without drinking!  The last time
we were out here (another anniversary), there was plenty of booze
involved, and, of course, at least one bottle of red wine in the room
at all times–to sip on before dinner, after dinner, and until I fell
I’m SO thankful for your positive, and deprivation-free way of looking
at how much better your like can be.  It is a huge GIFT to myself.
Anyway, it’s late–gotta go, but you’re doing a terrific job, and I’m
so very thankful that I came across you, and your plain-spoken,
accessible, and positive outlook on sobriety!!

Elizabeth.M California


The Next Six Months!

November 2017 – Relationships

How do our relationships change when we are sober? How do we deal with family or loved ones who still drink and don’t “get” sobriety? How do we set boundaries and how do we use and experience online relationships in a healthy and responsible way?


December 2017 – Self Care

The Holiday Season is supposed to be fun, full of joy and peace to all mankind. Too often, it can be stressful, busy, and filled with resentment! Sometimes we are spread too thin, especially if the burden of everyone’s happiness seems to be on our shoulders. We’ll look at ways to “fill our cup” first!


January 2018 – Health & Wellness

New Year, New Diet, right? Let’s throw away the diet regime and look at long term plans without all those ridiculous “instant fixes” !


February 2018 – Money Month!

How much is enough? What are we doing with it? How do we get more? Do we have any set aside for that rainy day? Does this money stuff just freak you out? We’ll be chatting about that too….


March 2017 – All Things Woo Woo

What’s all the fuss about Essential Oils? What about this crystal thingy? And what the french toast is the Law of Attraction..Oh, and I may break out my tarot cards…


April 2017 – Happy Hormone Month

Hot and flushed? Mean and moody? I have a great guest lined up for this month to answer all our questions…

Drum Roll Please…..The Bonus Is……

Our Very Own Magazine! FREE!

I’m so excited about this! As a monthly bonus, you’ll receive an online copy of Sage, Sassy & Sober, The Magazine, straight to your inbox. We (my lovely editorial team and official photographer) are working on the inaugural copy right now, and it will be in your inbox on the 22nd November, and then every month after that. It will be available to EVERYONE for the subscription price of $7.99 per month, but to YOU, as a member of Sage, Sassy and Sober…it will be absolutely FREE!

Sage, Sassy & Sober!


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