The Podcast

Outside My Comfort Zone.

It's been two years since I started Sober Sassy Life... My comfort zone used to be the couch with a glass of wine in my hand. From there, I could participate in and instigate drama, if I felt I wasn’t getting enough attention, I could make plans that I...


"The reasons why I drank are far less important to me, than the reasons why I will never drink again". Nevertheless, sometimes stories can help others. I hope this one can. It's OPEN! Sage, Sassy and Sober -  a membership group for ladies who...

My Grey Hair..

Like it or not we all get older. A disturbing trend is that older women are drinking more than ever.. I freaking hate my grey hair. Every month I get it dyed. It’s expensive, and I’m vain, but I don’tcare. My grey hair makes me feel old. And I’m not old. I...

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