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Just finished Dry January? Wondering what to do? Feeling a bit conflicted? Have a listen, as I explode some myths about your month off booze..

It’s the 1st February. Late last December, right in the middle of a particularly boozy evening, someone suggested that you do “Dry January”…..a month off the booze! And what’s more, you could raise money for charity!

C’mon, they said, January is a good time to do this. We’re all a bit broke, we will have drunk more than usual over Christmas, and it will help with the diet!

Great idea, you thought. After all, I have been worries about my drinking, and I’ve tried and tried to moderate but I just can’t. Maybe a month off booze will be just the thing…

And so, at the strike of Midnight, as one year turns into another, you put down your drink, and the Sober Challenge is on.

And now, it’s the end of the challenge. You’ve made it!

So what now? Carry on – after all, you’ve lost a bit of weight, feeling a bit more energetic, more money in your pocket – and best of all, you haven’t had a hangover in weeks..

But….all the others are whooping it up and planning a fishbowl or two of Merlot – and it sounds a lot of fun..

Here’s the thing. I love challenges. I love races. I love it when people throw down the gauntlet. I love to win. I love to achieve, and if there is a medal, or a plaque, or a small statue maybe, so much the better.

But a Sober Challenge is different. Especially if, deep down inside of you, you know that your drinking has become a problem.

So now, as we head into February, I’d like to explode of few myths about your month off drinking. It might help make up your mind about the way forward…

  1. A month off booze will “give your liver a rest’.

Absolutely true. If you are even a moderate drinker, your liver has been working overtime. Remember that booze is a poison – an ACTUAL, real-life scientific toxin – and your liver works extremely hard to get rid of the poison, so we can live.

The liver, if we keep abusing it, gets damaged and diseased. Our human body, if given the chance can perform miracles, and – as long as we give it a chance – our livers will regenerate and heal themselves.

Depending on whether you are male or female, the liver can repair itself within a month.

So this month off is a good thing, right?

Sure it is!

But this is what DOESN’T happen: this healthy liver month is not ‘stored’ in some kind of “bank of health credits’ that you can draw on in later life..

So, if you go back to your usual levels of drinking, your liver will return to its tired damaged state, and if you carry on drinking, will get steadily worse.

You only benefit from a healthy liver is you keep it that way. By not drinking.

Taking a month off, here and there – even if you do it every January, will not inoculate you against liver disease, if, for the other eleven months of the year, you drink again.

So instead of giving your liver a ‘rest”, why not give you liver a new lease of life – by quitting for good?

  1. A month off booze PROVES that you don’t have a problem…

We all fall for that one.

I managed a month off booze occasionally, and sometimes longer. Most of us can sit on our hands and grit our teeth for a while. Even people who attend AA and have been without booze for years….

A month off drinking, if all you are doing is envisaging the large glass of wine today, on the 1st of February – is not proof that you don’t have a problem.

In fact, if all you have been doing is waiting for January to end, so you can start slurping again – well, all the last month has proved, is that you won’t die without wine.


  1. You can now RESET your relationship with booze.


I really hope this is true for you. I really hope that 31 days without booze has ‘reset” your booze intake.

Sadly, for me, it didn’t. I might have held off for a week or two, but definitely by the end of March I’d be drinking as much as ever.

The thing is, your WHOLE attitude, outlook, and mindset has to change about booze, for sobriety to not only last, but for you to love it! And that takes time and effort, and if you have had your eye on the deadline of 31st January, the ‘reset’ you wanted, may not be there.


But here’s the good news. If you stop to think, I bet you can list a dozen improvements in your life over just the last month. I bet some things have improved without you even noticing – what about your sleep patterns? What about your ability to stay awake through a whole movie? What about your productivity at work? What about that first cup of coffee in the morning? – I bet it tastes better with the nausea, right? And you might not notice, but you don’t have wine breath now – yep, that’s a thing, and you don’t repeat the same ol story over and over again, you probably listen more too.

Right now, if you don’t pick up the bottle, you’ll probably live longer and have less risk of cancer, heart disease , diabetes, and liver disease. If you stay sober, you’ll have more chance of getting rid of that muffin top. You’ll have a less horrible menopause, you might even improve your fertility if you are hoping to start a family.

If you need some help, if you would like to join a community of women who are all embracing sobriety – you can join Sage, Sassy & Sober – this month is the best possible time to join – we’re going back to basics, triggers, strategies, sober tool box, dealing with cravings  – check it out, we are waiting for you!.


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