Meet Jackie...

It didn’t seem possible to me……

That I should have a “drinking problem”. I couldn’t bring myself to even consider the words “alcoholic” or worse still “addict”. I didn’t fit the profile right?

Middle aged, well -educated, no history of drunkenness in the family…….not me, right?

Like lots of other people, I started drinking in my late teens. It was WONDERFUL! I loved being in the pub with all my friends, I loved the laughter, the silliness….and like everyone else, I wore my hangovers like a badge of honour..

Do you remember last night? It must have been good!”

As I grew up, got a job and got married, the wild weekends stopped, but the drinking didn’t. I found wine. I LOVED wine. For many years, it wasn’t really a problem. I managed to survive one divorce, a career I didn’t really like (Accounting), I even took up running. And my drinking was under control.

In my mid thirties, I emigrated to Canada with my long term partner. Shortly after we had settled here on Vancouver Island, we split up. I panicked. I made some dumb decisions. And I turned to my one true love, my loyal friend….WINE. Every night, I would clutch glass after glass in my tiny rented apartment – and put off making the tough decisions about what the hell I was going to do with my life……

Luckily for me, my ‘rock bottom’ wasn’t a fraction as bad as it could have been.

How the “Wine Bitch” found her Sober Sassy Life…

About three days after I quit drinking (I wasn’t even aware at the time that I had actually drunk my last glass of wine ever), I started a blog. At first it was just a distraction for me. I just wrote what I was thinking and feeling. I called my blog “The Wine Bitch”. It helped. I looked forward to writing it. One day, someone left a comment, and I was so excited! By then I had started reading other sober blogs and I was discovering a whole new world out there…..people JUST LIKE ME!!

After a while, it snowballed. “Hits’ on my blog grew to about 30,000 from readers all around the world, and I started getting emails. People needing help.

One lady wrote…”I feel like such a freak….why can’t I drink normally?’

I knew exactly what she meant. I had started going out, getting back into the social scene, and it was embarrassing, the raised eyebrows when I refused wine, the constant harping…”Oh come on! You can have just one can’t you?

Eventually it got too much. I ‘outted” myself……’That’s the trouble” I explained…” It’s NEVER just one…”

Why was it such a BIG DEAL? I thought….and then my AHA moment! Sober Sassy Life was born….a community where it ISN’T a “big deal” to not drink. A website that celebrates sobriety, and helps all those who are trying to free themselves from the Drinking Trap. A place for anyone who wants to live and love life sober, providing help, support, resources and well, ….love!

It started as my gift to YOU…..but really, everyone who reads my blog, participates in my courses, emails me and listens to my podcast….are the greatest gift to me. 

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Mahatma Gandhi.

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