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Hi there! One of worse things about quitting drinking was the feeling that I was all alone. That I was somehow “abnormal”, and that I would never really “fit in” again. That fear held me back, and I carried on drinking at a dangerous level for far longer than I should have – just because of this fear.

I don’t want you to feel alone. I know that if you have someone to chat to, to confide in, and someone to keep you strong when the going gets tough – that you are far likely to succeed.

Too many people wait until they are in crisis before they reach out – don’t hit rock bottom before asking for help!

Book your chat with me now – I’ll get you UNSTUCK!

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Road Block Plan

Let’s get you through that block in the road!  Book two hour long sessions with me, and we’ll get you started. To make the most of your time, I ‘ll send you a pre -planner, so you can get your thoughts together, and for the first session, we’ll work through it, and form a plan for you. We’ll book out second session a few weeks later, and then we’ll figure out what worked, what didn’t and what obstacles you ran into. At the end of our session, I’ll work on a summary and action plan!

This plan works best if you need a kickstart – you have reached a block in the road and need some help to get over!

(If you would like to UPGRADE to the Regular Date Plan – I’ll deduct the cost of these sessions)

Regular Date Plan!


Imagine if you had a sober friend to chat with, to guide you through the first six months or a year of your sober journey! Together we will tackle all the ‘firsts” – sober socials, dealing with work colleagues, the “pink cloud” and PAWS! This plan is for you, if you LOVE the idea of some long – term help and guidance from someone who has trodden the path before.

You can spread the calls over six months or a year – whatever suits you best. We will work on long term goals and strategies.

Note : Refunds policy is dependent on each circumstance. However no refunds will be given for “no shows”. Also, please allow a full 24 hours notice before booking the first call. I am flexible and will make every attempt to work with your schedule, please note that I live in the America Pacific time zone.


Depending on your level of alcohol consumption, the physical consequences of stopping abruptly can be very serious, and may require medical attention. The information provided by Sober Sassy Life is NOT a substitute for proper medical care.

If you or someone you know needs more immediate support or treatment to reduce your alcohol intake, or are in a dangerous situation please contact your doctor or a healthcare professional, and/or the appropriate authorities. Sassy Sober Life is not a replacement for medical care, or any addiction support recommended by a doctor or appropriate authorities. It is an additional support resource and a community that may complement your other addiction therapies. If you have any concerns about your drinking, please consult your doctor immediately.