I’m 50 today.

So far, it’s been a relaxing day. My husband cooked bacon for breakfast, I had a lovely chat with my parents in the UK, and it warmed my heart to see facebook birthday messages – it really is the best feature of facebook!

My husband disappeared for while, (surely to pick up a new birthday gem, right?) and I had a leisurely shower.

Then it hit me.

Right on cue, a wave of heat that came from within and drenched me with sweat. Even though I was only wearing a thin sweater, I clawed and wrestled it over my head in a desperate bid to cool off.

Luckily our house is surrounded by trees, so nobody could see a pale slightly pudgy middle-aged women hanging out the bedroom window in her bra.

Finally the heat receded, and I am now (if you are wondering) typing this in a very baggy t-shirt.

Every Cloud has a silver lining…

i have been having the odd menopausal sweat for a while. In the middle of the night, I wake up, unable to bear the weight of the duvet, and I lie there, on top of the covers, letting the winter air (I insist on the window being open) cool me off.

So today’s episode is not a surprise.

The silver lining?

I don’t drink.

If I did still drink then this is what would have happened:

  1. Last night, I would have woken up at 3.00am, sweating profusely, smelling like stale wine, dehydrated, with a headache, hating myself.
  2. This morning, I would feel terrible, glugging water, trying to smile through the nausea.
  3. I would feel doubly bad when this morning’s heatwave struck, and now I would be feeling miserable and sorry for myself.


Look after Yourself….

It’s a fact of life. As we get older, our bodies change, and we are far more likely to be adversely affected by alcohol..

  1. Older women who drink are more likely to get drunk quicker than younger women, as we “hold” less water in our bodies and it’s harder to dilute the alcohol. We are risk of falling over more.
  2. We are at greater risk of cancer, liver disease, heart disease and osteoperosis
  3. We are more likely to develop dementia if we drink, plus our brains shrink quicker.


I am not complacent, just because I have quit drinking. I know the fate of my ongoing health is largely in my hands.

I can’t stop the wrinkles, the inevitable effects of gravity and hair greying (although my hairdresser, bless her, helps with that), but I can continue to value my body, feed it good food and making sure it sweats through regular exertion ( as well as the other kind).

I’m off to eat cake (it’s my birthday after all!).

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Love, Jackie.



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