So it turns out that sobriety has nothing to do with “recovery”.

“Recovery” is a word that I have consistently rejected, because it reminded me of hospital beds. And to be quite honest, when people mentioned that they were “in recovery”, even though they had been sober for a considerable time, I was…

“Oh come on. Surely you’ve recovered now?”

So it turns out (also) that I wasn’t really getting it.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I have been saying (and truly believing) that in order to live without booze, you need to create a life that doesn’t need it.

So it turns out that saying and believing is not the same as doing.

I thought I was doing it.

I’ve been a little over 1000 days without a drink, I’ve become more productive, our business is doing much better, I’ve become quite good at “adulting”, I am (mostly) proficient at self care, I carve out time for my tribe, my creativity….I do practice what I preach.

I am fifty years old now. The last half century went by in a blink of an eye.  We lost a friend to cancer this week, and my Dad also complained a bit about his health (rare), and I was reminded again, that Life is Short.

I have written before about looking for IT….the secret to life, the universe and a Higher Power (read my post here) and sobriety was indeed the start.

Sobriety is a collection of tools and skills. All the stuff you learn while on this journey, are the initiation for the next part. And I had better get on with it.

So, if I stay in good health, I figure that I have about another 35 years at least for the next part of the journey – the most exciting part, I guess (because I won’t be all drunked up) and I had better start using all these skills and tools.

So I would like to say thank you to Laura Ward for this post, and I would also like to say, that I still don’t like the word ‘recovery’, so I’m not using it.

Today, is Day One of my Transformation. Watch this space.

love, Jackie.

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