Life is too short to be right

Ultimately, we all end up in the same place, right or not.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t fight evil, hatred, and injustice whenever we see and hear it.

Holding onto to “righteousness” is like having a large ball of bile in your stomach, which you add to, again and again.

Often, that bile is fed by booze – making that ball of ‘rightness” swell up and infect our hearts.

It’s better to let go “being right”.

It’s better for our sobriety.

It’s better to be good, than right.

Love Jackie xx

The Sober Summer Survival Guide

Summer’s here….and the living is easy..
Er, No. It’s not easy. If you are newly sober, or want to be sober, then the words of the song should go..”Summertime…..What Fresh Hell is this?” (except it doesn’t rhyme). Summer brings all it’s own special brand of torture – Boozy BBQ’s, visits from the Mother-in-law, All Inclusive ‘retreats” to Cabo…..not to forget that little Jimmy and Janey are home for an entire six weeks…..

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