Are You a Hot Mess? And not in a good way?

About five years ago, at the ripe old age of 45, I started to experience night sweats. Waking up in the middle of the night, tearing at the duvet, trying to get some air, just drenched with sweat.

“Crap” I thought. “I’ve started menopause”.

Not once did I attribute the nightly hot mess to the quantity of wine I was drinking.

Fast forward five years, and I very occasionally experience a hot flush, or soggy sweating during the night.

Since I quit drinking, this unpleasant experience has been far less frequent, and nowhere near as bad as when I was drinking.

Well, this could all be coincidental, but as it is World Menopause Day (seriously, we have a “day” for everything now), I thought I would share the Top Five Reasons why, if you are approaching fifty or beyond, the advantages of living a booze free life.

  1. Increased Risk Of Breast Cancer. Alcohol increases our risk of Breast cancer at any age, but during and after Menopause, with fluctuating levels of estrogen, the risk could be greater.
  2. Some women experience mood swings and are prone to depression during Menopause. Alcohol will accentuate those mood swings.
  3. Heavy drinking can accelerate the loss of bone density, making us more prone to fractures. (And drunkenness can lead to more falls!)
  4. Alcohol can interact (badly) with medication and any Hormone Replacement Therapy treatment that might be prescribed.
  5. Experiencing ‘fogginess’ or loss of memory? Happens a lot during menopause, and the effect of alcohol on brain function will not help!


And of course, those horrible night sweats……

If you are on the fence about quitting, then World Menopause Day is the day to jump off to the side of sobriety….if you want to be Fifty, Fabulous and Fighting Fit,

Love Jackie xx

Announcing the Launch…

I am launching Sage, Sassy and Sober –  a membership group for ladies who are 50 and upwards, and maybe need some support for sobriety, or who would like to quit drinking but don’t know where to start, OR ladies who are already sober and would like to join an online community of like-minded women.

The launch is scheduled for November 1st – but in the meantime, I need your help!

If you are interested in joining (when the group opens), could you please take a couple of minutes to answer this VERY SHORT questionnaire about issues/topics/ format of the group.

It would really help me nail down a schedule of articles, guests, materials and events that I know you will be excited about!

Thank you! ( Btw, you will get added to an email list, so I can get in touch when I’m ready to open the doors!)


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