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Stuff I have learned along the way (and still learning)!

Back to Basics in Sage, Sassy & Sober

Sage, Sassy and Sober –  a membership group for ladies who are 50 and upwards, and maybe need some support for sobriety, or who would like to quit drinking but don’t know where to start, OR ladies who are already sober and would like to join an online community of like-minded women……IS NOW OPEN, and this month, we are all about “Back to Basics”

We’re talking Triggers, Strategies, Cravings, Wine O’clock….in the private member’s area, the SECRET facebook group, and live Q & As. In addition, all members get a copy of the online Magazine.

Sign up and join the ladies who are already supporting each other in sobriety.


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Take the First Step!

Feel like you might be drinking a bit too much? You're not alone! Why not join a community of Sassy Women who are kicking the shit out of being sober! Sit back with a cuppa and read our weekly newsletter. Tips, advice, support and a chat - all about keeping that Wine Witch at bay, and ENJOYING your sober journey. xx