Welcome to Your Sober Sassy Life!

I recall very vividly one Spring evening, a couple of days after I had my last drink….

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, and I badly wanted to go to the store and buy a bottle of wine, and just quietly numb myself on the couch in front of the TV. I can’t even remember now, what I was stressing about.

Instead, I went into the garden. And I started to weed a little patch. I remember thinking to myself, that if I just jammed my hands into the dirt, that would somehow stop me from grabbing my car keys and going and buying that bottle of wine.

I kept on weeding, and all the dirt was getting under my nails, and I was crying a little bit, but I kept on going. Gradually, all I was focusing on was that patch of dirt and the pile of weeds beside me.

I didn’t have a drink that night, and I haven’t since. I managed to ‘get out of my head” and just focus on “doing”.


Embracing a Sober Life hasn’t always been easy. But It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Welcome to my website. My mission is to show you how SIMPLE quitting drinking can be. It will require some effort. It will require some action. But I guarantee that it will be worth it!

Are you ready for your sober journey? Grab your boots then, and let’s go!

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