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I started writing a blog to keep myself accountable – now it’s much more than that.

Writing for my life.

Ok. That’s sounds a tad theatrical.

It implies that writing has intervened between life and death, and that is simply not the case. But writing, and writing publicly, especially about booze, drinking, and not drinking – has changed my life. Almost as much as the not drinking.

So I thought I would share with you, my writing experiences, and I’ve included some tips, if you would like to give it a go.

So firstly my blog.

I started out as The Wine Bitch, and over time, it did morph into Sober Sassy Life. I started writing the blog three days in to sobriety, and I was prompted to start the blog, because I read “Mrs D is Going Without” (Lotta Dann)

I wanted some accountability, and I thought that if I wrote on a public forum – even if no one ever left a comment, I would feel compelled to keep it going – and therefore I would feel more motivated to not drink.

So I started off, kinda writing for myself – and then I think Sober Mummy left a comment, and Mrs D herself (I was in awe), and I started reading other blogs, and finally I had a readership….and before I knew it, I was part of the wonderful community of Sober Bloggers and readers.

I looked forward to writing my blog. It gave me a purpose. Not only to lay off the booze, but I was actively thinking – hmm, what shall I write in my blog today? I watched the stats (nerdy I know) and the sense of accountability that the blog initially gave me – shifted to something else – pride, in what I was doing.

I had committed to something, and I was seeing it through. And that was a feeling of accomplishment that I hadn’t experienced in a while.

I also made some friends. Friends that as yet, I haven’t met in the flesh – but I will, I’m sure. And I know that they are there.

These days, the blog is part podcast (because I now LOVE to listen to podcasts myself and I love to yak), but mainly because you can listen to a podcast anytime. Walking the dog, cleaning the house – and it’s private. You don’t need to say I’m listening to a SOBER podcast.

As time has progressed, I find that I do share less really personal experiences. It wasn’t done by design – I just find now, that I try to write about stuff that encourages people along their sober journey – so the blog/podcast does tend to be more along the lines of..”here, try this, this worked for me”

On the other hand…

My daily journal (almost daily) is really personal and private. I vent, I rant, I write out my thoughts. I get clarity from this. I offload.

It also helps me be a little more creative, because I do write down all the silly fears and self- criticisms that play out in my head. I can put things into perspective.

It allows me to DO rather than overthink.

Lastly, I’ve started to write some fiction and some other blogs that are not associated with drinking or not drinking.

The fiction allows me to stretch my imagination. The other blogs allow me to be opinionated. Which is nice.

Writing has changed my life.

I get paid (sometimes) for my written word.

Writing is my therapy – a lot cheaper than the couch.

And writing connects me to people. My people.

If you want to write – my advice is go buy a notebook and start. It’s nice to have a laptop, if you type. It’s easy to set up a blog . All s you need to do – just google ‘setting up a blog” – it’s free.

Write for your life.

Love Jackie.

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