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As summer is upon us, I wonder – is there is a better time of year to quit drinking?

This is a question that I asked myself frequently before I finally DID quit in May of 2015.

Up until that point, the answer always came back – no right now, it’s Christmas, or New Year, or a birthday coming up, it never seemed the right time.

I’m talking about this now – because going by my own logic, SUMMER or impending summer, would seem to be a terrible time to contemplate changing anything in my life – let alone tackling a great big doozy of an issue.

Summer – although I love summer – is a particularly busy time for us.

We live on beautiful Vancouver Island, right by the ocean, and my husband is a fisherman with a boat. So right about now, our phone is ringing off the hook with people who want to dump their camper in our front yard – did I mention that we have lots of room? and spend a week or so fishing and exploring the Island.

Now this is great, except that they come in waves, and, we, being small business owners are NOT on holiday.

Previous years have been fraught. But, secretly, although I longed for peace and quiet, I didn’t really mind too much – because everyone would be in holiday mode – and you’ve guessed it – drinking their faces off. So I could too. Without really being noticed.

The consequence of this was firstly – a huge alcohol and grocery bill and nothing – literally noting getting done. Which meant that all the pieces of the business had to be picked up at the end of the summer – and we were more broke than usual.

So, although I told myself year after year, that SUMMER was truly the worse time of year to quit – what with all the visitors and all – it actually turned out to be the BEST time, ever.

The first year was an eye-opener for me. Again, we had the swarms of people visiting, and I was stone cold sober. At the end of the summer, I didn’t have a hangover, but I was exhausted. And I noticed, for the first time, how fed up my husband was, being the fisherman babysitter for everyone.

Why were we doing this to ourselves? Well, I knew what my motivation had been – and my husband, well, he just went along with it, because he assumed that I liked to party all summer long.

Last year was still a struggle – unfortunately my lovely friends who are employed and have paid vacations don’t understand exactly that paid vacations are not part of our self-employed lives – unless, of course we want to be un-employed as opposed to self-employed.

So what’s my point?

There is no ‘BEST’ time to quit. I could have thought to myself in May 2015 (as I had many times before) – I’ll get through summer and then I’ll think about it in September.

But I could find a reason NOT to quit for literally every month of the year.

The BEST time is NOW.

And you might be surprised.

This could be the BEST summer ever. That’s what I’m looking forward to – my best sober summer yet.

The Sober Summer Survival Guide

Summer’s here….and the living is easy..
Er, No. It’s not easy. If you are newly sober, or want to be sober, then the words of the song should go..”Summertime…..What Fresh Hell is this?” (except it doesn’t rhyme). Summer brings all it’s own special brand of torture – Boozy BBQ’s, visits from the Mother-in-law, All Inclusive ‘retreats” to Cabo…..not to forget that little Jimmy and Janey are home for an entire six weeks…..

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