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Jackie Elliott loves her wine. It makes her feel confident, relaxed and sophisticated. Drinking wine is normal. Drinking wine is fun.

Until it isn’t.

Jackie refuses to believe she has problem, after all she doesn’t live under a bridge, she is still quite thin (and therefore healthy) she can name at least five other people who drink more than her, and she only drinks wine (and the French drink wine, all day long, don’t they?). 

But Jackie’s “Drunken Magical Thinking” is propelling her towards disaster. After surviving the disintegration of several relationships, her drinking becomes more than an bad habit.

The party really comes to end when Jackie starts to have blackouts. Not “falling down drunk” blackouts, but complete gaps in her memory after drinking only a few glasses. She can’t recall conversations, phone calls, and most nights, she can’t remember going to bed.

Jackie’s love affair with Wine must come to an End.

“Sober Ever After” is part memoir, part self-help manual and also a perspective on being Sober in a society that is well- lubricated with booze.

As Jackie struggles with her new status as a “sober outlier” she questions whyshe became a ‘dysfunctional drinker” and how all the social boundaries around alcohol (especially for women) seem to have been re-drawn in the last couple of decades.

Hi! I’m Jackie, and I lead a Sober Sassy Life!


And it’s my mission to help you do the same!

After years of moping on the couch with my wine, literally watching life with all it’s possibilities and potential pass me by, I decided it was time to do something about it!

I’m delighted to share all the resources I have available to help you put down the wine bottle for good, and get out there and..


Get Ya Sass On!

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